Friday, August 31, 2012

A Couple Pictures of Eden

James's parents took us out to dinner tonight in town. While we were there, the waitress, who is an acquaintance that I used to work with, was commenting on Brooklyn and stuff, and then asked if we were ever going to have another one. I really didn't know how to respond. I think I said, "Um...yeah...." and she just took it at that and went on with whatever she was saying...I think if she hadn't responded so quickly, I would have figured out how to explain that I was currently pregnant (I thought I was obviously pregnant...guess not?), and explained Eden's anencephaly to her, but she didn't give me the chance. Just another reason I need to stop procrastinating and just make some cards to give to people. I felt really weird and flustered the rest of dinner.

I feel guilty every time a stranger asks about my pregnancy, and I get far enough to explain our situation. You can always see in the person's face that they are shocked, feel sorry for us, feel uncomfortable for having asked, etc., yet I feel a need to tell people, though I'm not sure why. I guess maybe I just want Eden to touch their lives as much as she's already touched our lives. I want them to see the peace and love God's blessed us with.

This past week another mommy to an anencephalic baby gave birth to her son. He lived for 4.5 hours, and he cried, moved, and reacted to touch! Those are all things that the medical literature says won't happen! She was so blessed to have gotten time with her son; it gives me hope that we'll have time with Eden. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and if you want to read her story, you can find it here. (I hope you don't mind me sharing your blog,

Her profile - Almost 27 weeks.

She's mooning us! Almost 27 weeks. (Also still a girl!)



  1. Virginia,
    Reading Lauren's blog about her time with her baby Evan, was heartwarming. I hope and pray that you will get to share such an experience with Eden. I like your idea of printing up cards to hand to people who ask about your pregnancy--it spreads information and you can walk on knowing you left them better informed.

  2. Dropping in from MomShare.

    Count me among those who are not sure what to say or how to react. But if we ever bumped into one another, I would listen to Eden. Not happily, exactly, but I would gladly listen to any mom's love for their child.

    Sending love.

  3. It's normal to want to hear her name, for others to know her name and her story :) I think after the birth your desire for others to know her name and speak it will be even greater... offers some great help for understanding grief, the loss of her full term daughter and her willingness to blog about it created a whole community of grieving mamas, many who love the Lord.