Thursday, November 1, 2012


I haven't written in more than a week, and I really should have. At my appointment a couple Mondays ago (the 22nd), Eden was oblique. That's a little better than transverse, but it still would result in a c-section if we can't get her to turn. I've been using the techniques on with seemingly no success. I had another OB appointment this past Tuesday, and we found that Eden was back in the transverse position, and had pretty much turned a 180. It is also obvious that Eden is quite large, but honestly I expected another large baby - I suppose it's just how my body grows babies. Nothing wrong with large babies.
At this last appointment, we set up a time and date for a manual version to try and get Eden to turn. So Monday (the 5th) at 6am we have to be at the hospital and at 7 they will be trying to turn her. I'm really not looking forward to it, because I've heard that it can be a painful experience. Tuesday after my appointment with the doctor, I found and called a chiropractor who can do the Webster Technique. I was able to get in that afternoon, and by the time I got the the appointment, Eden was breech. My OB is willing to deliver Eden breech, so this was good, but being head-down obviously would be even better.

I ended up getting a couple adjustments, because some ligaments on my uterus were tight on one side which could have been changing the shape of my uterus (ironically enough, it's the same side Brooklyn got stuck on, so it's likely I've needed an adjustment for a while). My chiropractor is also an acupuncturist, and so I had that done as well. The entire time, Eden was doing somersaults, so he definitely opened up some room in there. Ever since, she's been freely rotating from transverse to breech, and I'm sure at some point she's been head-down, but I know she favours being transverse, and she also seems to like being breech. I have another appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow (Friday) for another adjustment and another acupuncture session.

The fact that she's still moving really easily in there gives me hope that we can get her in an ideal position for a normal birth. We know she's larger than the average baby, and I have an ultrasound tomorrow after my chiropractic appointment to find out an estimate of how big she is. Maybe at the same time, they'll tell me she's head down, and maybe she'll stay that way...Having a normal birth is really important to me. I've been having a really rough week with the reality that I might end up with another c-section, and it's gotten me really down. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is, and physically, the c-section I had with Brooklyn was one of the worst things I've ever been through. Not only did I feel like a failure because I "couldn't even have a normal birth", but I was in so much pain for weeks afterward, I don't remember most of her first day, or even her second day, and it resulted in my birthing options being limited with this pregnancy. It's like I lost my "rights" to a normal birth, and having a second c-section will only take away more of my rights. Having a normal birth shouldn't be a fight, but unfortunately, a normal birth after two c-sections likely will be me having to fight really hard to get what I want, regardless of the ACOG recommendations.

Depending on how Monday goes, we'll decide what the next step is. Ideally, the manual version will be sucessful, and I will have my membranes stripped by my doctor, and I will start my herbal induction protocols at home, go into labour, easily and quickly dilate, arrive at the hospital with time to get settled in, then have Eden and get to spend more time with her than I can imagine. But I know that likely won't happen exactly the way I want it...even if I have a horribly long, and painful labour, as long as I get to meet Eden and avoid a c-section, I'll be content. Please be praying that this baby girl will cooperate so I can avoid another c-section. Pray that my chiropractic appointment is productive, and that we find Eden has settled in head-down at my ultrasound. And please continue to pray for us this coming week...this might be my last Thursday carrying my sweet Eden.


  1. I'll pray for you. I had a c-section as well, so I know how traumatic that can be :(

  2. I pray that your birthing experience goes just how you want it and that you get all the time you want and need with Baby Eden. This has got to be very hard to deal with. I think you're doing a great job and keeping it all together!

  3. Thinking of you mama! Hope you have so much time with your little girl!

  4. Come on, Eden! Turn baby, turn! Virginia, I will be saying a prayer for you as you enter your final days of carrying Eden. May the baby turn and may your delivery go safely and smoothly when the time comes.