Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick Update

My most recent donation - 238 ounces.
Just a quick update on us. Things have been pretty uneventful these past few weeks. I've continued pumping and donating my milk in Eden's name, and it's really healing to be able to do so. I've donated 1318.5 ounces of milk so far. I've been drinking Organic Mother's Milk tea, and I think it really helps - my supply has picked up to about 30-40 ounces pumped a day now, in addition to nursing Brooklyn. She's still nursing like a newborn when it's just me and her at home - I don't even bother trying to make her lunches anymore, because it just sits on the table untouched, but she's been eating breakfast at her Grammy and Grandpa's house each morning, so I can get my morning pump in (and so I can sleep later than 5am every morning, which I think helps my supply more than anything!), and she picks at her dinner when James gets home. Despite her "new" nursing habits, she's gained at least a pound since I gave birth, so I'm definitely not worried.

I don't remember if I've mentioned it on here or not, but the day after Christmas, I decided to finally cut wheat out of my diet. I'm truly amazed at the difference it's made in how I feel - I'm no longer sick all the time, and even my acid reflux is gone. We decided (about a week after I stopped eating it) to go wheat-free as a family, and I've even noticed a difference in how Brooklyn behaves when she doesn't eat it verses when she does. There is a definite reaction to it - almost like she's out of control or something.

Anyways, I promised this was a quick update, so I won't get into the details of our new eating habits. I can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since we had Eden and said goodbye to her. It makes me sad how fast time just goes by...and before I know it, I'm going to have a 2 year old in the house. I hate that every time I think about having a 2 year old, I know I'm also supposed to have a 2 month old as's tough to think about... Maybe it'll get a little easier with time.


  1. I found your blog through DS. I'm so sorry for your loss. We had a daughter who was born with Trisomy 13 in July and lived for 2 hours. The pain is so so hard afterward. Im so glad you have found a way to give back in honor and remembrance of Eden. The milk you are donating WILL make a difference.


  2. I cut gluten (wheat, barley and rye) from my diet almost three years ago and I feel amazingly better. The doctor had initially diagnosed me with IBS, but after cutting out the gluten, most of the IBS-like symptoms went away. My acid reflux also got better. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful daughter. Thank you for donating your breast milk to other families in need. May God Bless you and your family always.
    @ Shannon-I'm also sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine losing a child. God's blessings for you and your family also!